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343's Projects
« on: January 27, 2011, 10:22:18 am »
Are you a Halo fan who misses the classic Halo? Or one who reckons the story of Master Cheif should be expanded? If so your in luck, as you might already know Bungie sold the remainder of the Halo copyright (besides their own projects) to 343 Industries (the creators of Halo Wars, Halo Waypoint and Halo Legends, and where a lot of the old Bungie staff went). Now it has being confirmed that they WILL be making more Halo Games, perhaps on a yearly basis like the C.O.D series (although I personally dislike the idea of the yearly basis) and there are very strong yet not yet fully confirmed rumors of the two Halo projects for 2011/2012.

This year they are working on a remake of Combat Evolved, the first ever Hali Game, with Reach Graphics/Engines, multiplayer and most likely weapons/amour/vechicles from both Bungie's projects and Halo Wars and thankfully I am pretty sure it will be a FPS not a Stratgey like Halo Wars.

And the one I'm personally looking most forward to - In 2012 they are making Halo 4, which will continue on from Halo 1-3's storyline. This will most likely replace the weapons/vehicles/graphics/engine with Reach.

Remembers although strong these rumors are still not COMPLETELY confirmed since 343 has barely made any public announcements but stay tuned.